Toys | Gallery 30 in Gettysburg, PA


Our toy collection will put the magic of childhood back into your shopping experience. We offer handcrafted, traditional toys that you simply will not find at a big box store, and each one is carefully selected to inspire delight, imagination, and laughter in every kid and kid at heart.
Wooden Jumpies
Traditional wooden toys, originally known as “schwingfiguren,” now routinely travel all the way from Bavaria, Germany to Gallery 30 in downtown Gettysburg! These delicately painted figurines are handcrafted in solid wood and jump along on their own metal springs.

Children and adults of all ages are mesmerized by their wacky bouncing. They make a delightful gift and can even be hung from a ceiling or fan pull to add a touch of whimsy to a nursery, playroom, or office.

When it comes to Jumpies, the hardest question is deciding which Jumpie is for you. We carry a large selection of professions, animals, and other zany characters.