Who We Are | Gallery 30 in Gettysburg, PA

Who We Are

For 40 years we have offered beautifully handcrafted products designed to stand out and stand the test of time. We are defined by our desire to empower a dynamic group of emerging and seasoned independent artists, right here at home and some that span the globe.

Our Values

We are creative, articulate, cultured and humble. Above all, we are passionate! Every day we work with professionalism and excitement, balancing hard work with imagination and optimism. As a business owned, managed and operated by women, we have a spirited approach to providing fine art, artisan crafts, jewelry, books, accessories and home furnishings for you (and us) to love. We strive to be authentic, considerate and fair in all of our interactions. We are also committed to quality—from the remarkable work of our artists to our exceptional customer service. We take pride in every step of the process and in each of the talented people who make it happen. We sincerely love what we do and we are proud of our carefully curated collection of handcrafted products. We look forward to sharing our unique passion with you!

We do our part to cultivate and support a vibrant, sustainable, arts-rich community. We have been involved in local revitalization through the extensive restoration of several historic properties, including Gallery 30's home in downtown Gettysburg.

Made In America

We embrace the Main Street movement and still believe in the American dream. We recognize the value of American craftsmanship and believe that buying American fine crafts enhances the moral, social and economic health of our country.

Unfortunately, finding American-made products has become more and more difficult, as companies outsource manufacturing to foreign countries in order to reduce costs. We would like to see this change. The power to bring goods and manufacturing back to America lies with individuals who choose to support American craftsman. Buying American-made goods is an investment in our future. It is also a way for each of us to encourage American artisans to keep and expand their businesses here at home, to employ American materials and tools in their trade, and to train other local artists and laborers to help them meet the needs of their businesses.

We are very proud that nearly all of the products at Gallery 30 are made in America, many by local artisans, and you can trust that with your purchase you are not only taking home a beautiful work of art but also supporting an independent artist and helping us continue to provide high quality, American workmanship in today’s marketplace.

To find out more about us, view our business profile on the Gettysburg Tourism Works website.


The Best Place to Shop

We think we have a great selection of handcrafted products for you to choose from and we are delighted that you feel the same way. Some of the accolades we’ve received from the press and public include:
Linda Atiyeh

Linda Atiyeh, Owner of Gallery 30

In the same way that the artist’s hand is visible in a work of art, owner Linda Atiyeh has handcrafted Gallery 30 in her own dynamic style. Following the muse of her spirit, Linda has allowed her selective taste, eye for detail and love of the arts to guide Gallery 30’s evolution into the truly extraordinary place that it is today. She genuinely desires to build and nurture relationships with those around her, and her enthusiasm and exuberance is irresistible. Linda’s mission in business--as in life--is to speak gently, to act fairly and to treat all people with love, dignity and respect.

Linda pours her whole heart into everything that she does, and Gallery 30 is a tangible reflection of the passion that she brings to every facet of her life. In high school Linda served on student council and was elected President of her class. An outstanding athlete and leader to her teammates, Linda was inducted into the Moravian College Hall of Fame, and she is now a member of the Moravian College Hall of Fame Selection Committee. Her alma mater Harrison Morton Junior High School has also inducted Linda into their Hall of Fame, recognizing her as a self-made business woman and a positive role model for students.

A native Pennsylvanian, Linda takes great pride in her community and is committed to giving back in ways both large and small. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Adams County Arts Council and is a member of Main Street Gettysburg, Gettysburg Area Retail Merchants Association, the Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

Linda Atiyeh has also been awarded several Historic Preservation Awards by the Borough of Gettysburg for her restoration of historic properties and storefronts in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In May 2015, Historic Gettysburg Adams County will present Linda with an Outstanding Preservation Award for her rejuvenation and restoration of the Inn at Lincoln Square (also known as the Joel Buchanan Danner House) on Gettysburg’s Historic Lincoln Square.

Linda is a free spirit who lives in the moment yet still has a vision for the future. As the owner of Gallery 30 she is constantly breaking boundaries and pushing our potential to new heights. Linda’s being is intricately woven into the texture of Gallery 30, and her creative, forward thinking is the driving force behind our continued success.