Metro Meteor

Looking for ways to keep a retired racehorse with bad knees active, Gettysburg artist Ron Krajewski taught Metro Meteor to hold a paint brush in his mouth. It was immediately evident that Metro was happy painting big, sweeping brush strokes on the canvas! Metro’s colorful paintings soon began to attract national attention and he quickly became one of Gallery 30’s most celebrated artists.
Metro Meteor’s Story
Gettysburg artist Ron Krajewski and his wife Wendy adopted Metro Meteor after he sustained career ending knee injuries. Once considered to be one of the fastest turf sprinters at Belmont and Saratoga, Metro struggled with his health in retirement. Although, his long-term prognosis was terminal, the Krajewskis did not give up on him.

Looking for ways to keep Metro active, Ron taught him to hold a paint brush in his mouth. Miraculously, Metro began to paint. He splashed big, colorful brush strokes on the canvas. “Metro's first painting definitely looked as if it was done by horse,” Krajewski said. “But his second one was pretty good.” Word of Metro’s talent spread, and soon Metro quickly became one of Gallery 30’s most celebrated artists.

Using the money earned from Metro’s paintings, the Krajewskis sought to find a way to save their beloved horse’s life. Working with a specialist, the Krajewskis found an experimental treatment that was successful in reversing some of Metro’s knee issues. His joints are still a problem, but, thankfully, Metro is doing very well, painting more than ever and is even back to walking trails again!
Metro at Work
Metro’s paintings are done over the span of several days, building depth and texture by adding two colors one day, then letting them dry, and then adding more layers of color. Recently Metro and his artist/owner have also been collaborating on a new style of painting--Metro provides the abstract strokes while Ron provides the detail work for this truly unique style of art that is created by both man and horse.
Metro Gives Back
In addition to paying for his own sizeable medical bills, Metro is also raising money for other horses just like him. A portion of the proceeds from each of Metro’s paintings is donated to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program to help find experienced, loving homes for retired racehorses and to aid with their care and medical expenses. Metro has now donated over $80,000 to horses in need and has been called “the unofficial spokeshorse for racehorse adoption.”

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